What Is the Best Age for a Child to Begin Learning Music?

This is a topic in which almost every parent or music teacher seems to have a different opinion.  Some say 5, years of age is ideal for children to begin learning, while some might say 12 years old.  And we’ve all seen those crazy YouTube videos of toddler musician geniuses playing back and Beethoven before they are potty trained.

There is no ‘right’ age to begin Learning Music

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In essence, there is no ‘right age’ to begin learning a how to play a classical piano musical instrument. It is all about your child’s capacity.   Your child needs to be mature enough to sit and concentrate for 30-45 minutes on a lesson.  They need to be physically able to play the instrument. They need to be ready and willing to listen to their teacher and to practice between lessons.  If your child can honesty fit all these requirements, then they are ready to begin music lessons.

As all children mature at different rates, the age when they are able to do all these things is going to be different.  For some super gifted children, this might be at child aged 4.  For others, this might be 8 years old, or even 9.  But, generally, most children are ready for this around ages 6 and 7 is though of as the ‘golden age’ to begin music lessons, as most kids of this age are ready and capable of studying a musical instrument.


It is never too late to Learn a Musical Instrument

The good thing about learning musical instruments for your kids is that, thankfully, it is never too late.  They can start when they are older children or teens if they want, and it is not uncommon for adults to pick up new musical instruments and master them.  So, you don’t have to worry about some invisible timer running out.

However, we would say that if your child wants to play music to the highest standard and possibly grow up to be a professional musician, getting lessons from around 6 or 7 will be of great benefit to them, as getting lessons from around this age will enable them to go really far and master the instrument.

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