Every phase in life is a learning. Whether you intend to or not, you end up learning something new every single day, in every single thing you do. Even if it is something you do regularly, you will learn how to do it more efficiently, what not to do, etc.

When you intend to learn something new, you need to put in the required effort and show interest to learn. Asking questions and clarifying your doubts is one of the best ways to learn effectively. When you question, you leave no room for assumptions and wrong inferences. This is crucial for learning.

How To Do It

When you intend to learn something new at work or college, it need not be serious. You can make it a fun and entertaining question game, so that all are relaxed and people don’t perceive you as too serious.

Here is a list of fun questions you can ask at your new workplace:

  • Where can I go to eat good food, while am hiding away from my boss?
  • Who is the best person to go to when I can’t handle my boss’ tantrums?
  • How can I pacify my angry boss and save my job?
  • What really irks my boss?
  • Where do they store the good stuff in the pantry?
  • If I have to choose a team for the corporate events, who will help me win and who will help me have fun?
  • How do I not get noticed when I arrive late for work?

Asking these questions will reveal a lot about your new work place and your co-workers will not feel you are being too intruding. This makes for a nice ice breaking session as well as lightens up the usual office mood.

Get to know people around you better, with the right set of questions. You can come with such a list for different groups of people too.