Workout sessions are meant to build the body and not supposed to break them. But injuries do happen during work out sessions. If you know the right way to do exercise and take care of a few things you could easily prevent them.  Also, you could visit apexhealthcare to enlighten yourself about various health-related issues.

Below mentioned are few common injuries that occur in the gym which could be easily preventable.

Lumber strain- In a different number of ways, one could strain the lower back muscles.  These injuries are typically the result of excessive back load, suboptimal technique/pressure, twisting motions, repetitive movements, etc. In order to prevent it from happening, you need to strengthen the core and improve the posture. Also, you should try to optimize the flexibility.

Hamstring strain- The hamstring strains are fickle injuries and it can cause re-injury too. Stretching through a different range of motion is better than static stretches to prevent hamstring strains.  Never lock the knees and do an exercise like leg cross over’s, forward leg swings, lunges etc as it will help in preventing hamstring injuries.

Groin pull- You should use a resistance band to strengthen the hip muscles and inner thighs in order to prevent groin pull. Also, dynamic stretching will help in warming up the legs.

Rotator cuff tendonitis- Whenever you lift weights, ensure that your hand should not go further behind your back or head as it will put too much pressure on the rotator cuff and can cause injuries. Also, you could use the resistance bands to make the rotator cuff stronger.

Tennis elbow- In order to prevent injuring the tendons and muscles in the forearm, you should work strengthening the shoulders and arms. You can do strengthening exercise by strapping the cuff weights on to the wrists and do side-lying external rotations of three sets with 20 reps each.