Being the best student in the class would be something that most students dream of. Teachers would love you and other students would adore you and look up to you. You would be setting a great example and act as a motivation for several others. So, if you are striving to be this student that is loved by all, someone who is well-recognized in your class, in your school, here are few things you can do:

Timing is everything

Becoming punctual is the first step being the best student. Missing out classes too often or being late to the class would all be bad remarks on you. Even on those days that you would have to miss out a class due to some unavoidable reason, make sure that you inform your teacher through an email.

Focus on your studies

Teachers, by default, would love students who get good grades. But your grades do not begin when you prepare for your exams. They begin from the time you sit in your class. Pay attention to what is being said and take notes. This goes a long way in creating a good image for yourself and would also make it easy for you to prepare for the tests. And if you find that you need extra help in any subject you can always seek the help of a tutor. I found the best math tutor in New Jersey through this site and this might help you as well.

Be an all rounder

Having good grades alone would not be important. When you want other students to love you and respect you, you should win that by displaying good leadership qualities and be a good team player. You should be empathetic and you should also take part in extra-curricular activities in order to become the best student in your class.