An overview of education, employment, and immigration policies in California

Working in the United States, especially California requires you to abide by immigration policies if you are a foreigner. There are certain set policies which are as below:

Education: The DREAM Act in California is a boon for foreign students where the in-state tuition rates are the same for immigrants also. The legislation allows such students to apply for financial aids without hassles. Proper identification must, however, be provided by the test sponsors of graduate exams and students during admission.

Employment: To work in California as an employee the set rules include having a driving license, valid proof of identity and a set duration of residence in the United States. Some employees also enforce the policy of employing only green card holders in their organization. Also, the employees should undergo prospective checks by employers.

If you are into sales, then there are a couple of California labor laws regarding outside sales. The employers in California are responsible for reimbursing the costs incurred by their salespersons if they are assigned to do outside sales. It includes expenses of training, seminar, travel, phone, postage, advertisement, subscriptions, stay, business lunches, and costs incurred to settle any kind of disputes with customers after sales. Employers, however, are not allowed to deduct such expenses from the salary of the employee as per the labor law. This is for the sales associates who work on a compensation on the basis of commission.

If you are looking forward to making a career overseas, you should understand the rules and immigration policies to keep yourself safer. If not, you may incur hugely losses on a foreign land. These immigration policies will mostly be laid in an employment offer after appointment or during the application process, you can request to get the details.